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“My love of travel has taken me throughout western Europe, along the Aegean Coast of Turkey, into San Miguel de Allende in Central Mexico, and to coastal California. In these places it is the architecture that I am most drawn to. Filling journals with Islamic mosques, colorful domes, and red tiled roofs mingling with palms, I create watercolor sketches: Remembrances of the journey.


I also find inspiration in my native Pacific Northwest. Of particular interest to me are neighborhood street scenes, the places where structures meet the sea, and the play of light and shadow on surfaces. With simple shapes and a limited palette of acrylic paint, I capture the beauty that I find in the ordinary places and objects that often get passed by each day.


My artist influences include Vermeer for his exquisite use of color and genre subjects, Richard Diebenkorn and the Bay Area Abstract Expressionists for walking the line between abstract and representational, and the many writings of Madeline L’Engle on making the ordinary sacred."